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San Francisco, CA.

After a spill on my scooter and a sprained foot, I finally realized that I needed help getting myself in line. I couldn't even go down stairs without a leg threatening to buckle on me. But Carey's compassion, skill, and total bodywork intuition have combined to get me to a stronger, nearly pain-free self. Seeing her is now an utterly indispensable part of caring for myself. I can't say enough good things about how her skill and attention has changed the way I move through the world in my body."

San Rafael, CA.

"Carey is amazing! She uses a variety of techniques as well as her intuition to get deep into the muscles that most others have a difficult time accessing. Her presence is calming and I have been known to fall asleep during her massages. So relaxing.

San Francisco, CA.

"Carey's massages are amazing. I have gone to her for injuries and stress related tension. Regardless of my symptom, I leave feeling physical relief, emotionally more relaxed and overall more grounded. She is sensitive to my bodies' individual needs and adjusts accordingly. Having been to many massage therapists, Carey is my favorite and I strongly recommend her. ”

San Francisco, CA.

"Carey is amazing. She brings, mindfulness, compassion, skill and intuition into her practice. Wonderful space. Recommend without question." 

San Francisco, CA.

"Who knew there was a massage therapist above Farley's!? I came across her review and tried it as I live in the neighborhood. I had a wonderful prenatal massage today. So relaxing. Carey was very in tune with my comfort and adjusted technique and pressure accordingly. She seems experienced and well trained."

- Mellissa B., San Francisco

Richmond, CA.

"Carey is the best!  Her prenatal massages saved my back during my twin pregnancy."

San Francisco, CA.

"Carey has a healing touch and a healing presence. During our sessions she not only works on your body, but your mind and whole well-being. She accompanied me through a stressful job search and I feel in many ways I was successful due to my regular massages and meetings with Carey. My body felt better, and my overall happiness was improved. As a regular athlete (open water swimming), she has helped me work through specific injuries - longstanding and new ones. I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation."

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