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Give yourself the time to receive.  

120 Minute Medicinal Massage - $185

Perfect for someone who has not had massage in quite a while.  Maximum relaxation and unwinding.  

90 Minute Medicinal Massage - $150

Deep unlocking of muscles.  Especially great for someone looking for extra attention on areas of pain/tension and full body reset.

75 Minute Deep Tissue Tune Up - $125

Perfect for those wanting extra time and focus in certain pain zones.  

60 Minute Curative Massage - $115

Overall body reboot with emphasis on releasing pain centers in the body.  

90 Minute Prenatal / Postnatal Massage - $165

Ideal for Mamas and Mamas-to-be for deep relief, unwinding, and relaxation.  

75 Minute Life Alignment Consultation - $75

Looking for clarity of purpose in today's confusing world?  Carey will align you with your life's purpose/calling and guide you in clarifying steps to actualize your greatest dreams and visions.  

Carey McCray

Bodywork and Alignment

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